National Coordinator of Gifted Learning Disabled Australia

 Carol Barnes


 “No Limits”-

What does Australia need to do now to achieve this goal?


Have you been keeping up with what’s been happening in gifted education outside Australia?

Do you still believe in Dabrowski ‘overexcitabilities’? How about ‘learning styles’? ‘Left brain/right brain thinking’? Gardner’s ‘multiple intelligences’?  Perhaps you’re a parent who has sought to address your gifted child’s ‘quirky’ behaviours by throwing cash at some of the slick edu-businesses’ neuro-babble programs which promise the earth but which never quite seem to ‘work’?  Or maybe you’re a teacher being repeatedly told that your gifted students can be adequately supported simply by introducing some mysterious thing called ‘differentiation’ – and yes, you’re trying hard to do that, but again it never quite seems to ‘work’? Or possibly you’re a researcher discovering that most of the old so-called ‘research’ underpinning your half-completed PhD project has already been discredited?

This presentation will focus on some of the specious constructs and distractors which we in the Australian gifted field still profess to hold dear, but which are increasingly being questioned and disparaged overseas. We’ll review what the research today really says about these notions, and consider why some of them continue to influence teachers’ and psychologists’ practice, even after the science contradicting their existence or efficacy is well and truly in. And we’ll explore why that matters – and what we can do about it.


When: Saturday, August 27, 2016

Where: the undercroft, Elizabeth College

Time: 1:15 pm – 2:45 pm

Cost: current financial members $130; non-members $170

full time UTas education student $65

All welcome.


Carol is an honorary Visiting Fellow (gifted education) at GERRIC within the UNSW School of Education, and national coordinator of GLD Australia. Carol is also vice-president of the Queensland gifted association’s Gold Coast Branch. Most importantly, she is the mother of two gifted university students, each with multiple disabilities which affect learning or academic performance.

This presentation is offered as part of the  full program for Saturday for the conference No Limits. Those registering for this presentation are invited to participate in all sessions on Saturday, registrations commence at 8:30am

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