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May 2024 – Learning Trajectories – Professional Learning Opportunity

Michele Juratowitch  Highly respected Australian researcher, presenter and author  will present on the topic of Learning Trajectories A professional learning opportunity for Educators (parents also welcome to attend)  7.30 pm Wednesday 1st May, 2024  Online Delivery (Zoom) Those registered will be emailed a link and instructions a few days before the event.  Current TAG financial [...]

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May 2024 – Gifted Children Grown Up

Presents  Gifted Children Grown Up Parenting, Personalities and Parent-child Dynamics: How These Shaped Us and How It Shapes Our Children With Dr Deborah Ruf Dr. Ruf is the author of the award-winning book 5 Levels of Gifted and in 2023 she released her follow-up, The 5 Levels of Gifted Children Grown Up.   For more than 40 years, Dr. Ruf [...]

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June 2024 – Early Entry to Kindergarten and School

Presents   An evening for parents & teachers    Early Entry to Kindergarten & School With  Jacqueline Hardman, BTeach, BA (Hons), MEd    * Eligibility for Early Entry * The assessment process * Benefits of Early Entry * What a parent could expect of the school * Making the right decision for a child   7.30 [...]

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