Are gifted students enthusiastic and motivated about school work all the time?
No! Many are, but some can become bored by lack of challenge and motivation in a learning
experience. Some do not have their abilities recognised at school and some will drop out early, underachieve or misbehave.

Are gifted students from a particular social group?
No! Gifted students may be found in all sectors of society, regardless of race, religious beliefs, socio-economic background, geographic location or physical ability.

Do gifted students burn out?
Gifted students stay gifted but may display their gifts in varying degrees at different times in their lives. This can depend upon their experiences, stage of development, motivation, interest and support for achievement in their learning experiences.

Are gifted students more valued than other students?
No! Gifted students may be good at one or more areas, outstanding in some areas and weak in others. Gifted students can have skill gaps through the ‘out of synch’ nature of their physical, social, emotional and intellectual development. They should be valued in the same way as any child.

Are gifted students born that way?
Gifted children are born with the potential to excel in their strength areas. If the child’s strengths are not recognised and nurtured at home, at school and by the community they may not fully develop.