The Center for Learning Science and Creative Talent Development (CLC) at Seoul National University, in association with The University of New South Wales, is conducting this questionnaire in order to identify how teachers of gifted adolescents perceive leaders’ roles and leadership needed for the global society. The questionnaire consists of 23 items about characteristics of leaders, expected roles for gifted leaders, preferred characteristics of future leaders, and social responsibility for gifted students.

Jae Yup Jared Jung has asked for the participation of secondary teachers in this research. Essentially, participation will involve the self-administration of an online questionnaire. The questionnaire will take approximately 10-15 minutes of the teachers’ time to complete.

All participants who wish to leave their contact details will go into a draw to receive one of five $40 Amazon gift cards.

It is noted that any information that can be identified with any participating teachers will remain strictly confidential, and disclosed only with their permission, unless disclosure is required by law. The research team will be the only people with access to the collected data, which will be stored in a secure, safe and central location within The University of New South Wales.

At this stage, the research team is expecting to analyse the data collected by early 2019, and to be in a position to issue reports of the research to all relevant parties by mid 2019. In any reports of the research (including conference presentations and academic journal publications), information will be presented so that participating teachers and member associations will not be identifiable. This research has received ethics approval (reference number HC180191) from the Human Research Ethics Advisory Panel Executive at The University of New South Wales.

Although no promises or guarantees can be made at this stage, it is possible that participation in the research may lead to findings that allow teachers in the future to more optimally support gifted students to realise their leadership potential.