Gifted Awareness Week

Gifted Awareness Week2023-04-18T11:44:12+10:00

How does academic acceleration compare to extension and enrichment for gifted students?

ChatGPT has told us: Academic acceleration, extension, and enrichment are three strategies that can be used to meet the needs of gifted students in the classroom. While all three strategies have their benefits, they differ [...]

Explain overexcitabilities in gifted students as described by Dabrowski

ChatGPT has told us: Kazimierz Dabrowski, a Polish psychologist and psychiatrist, proposed the theory of positive disintegration, which suggests that gifted individuals are more likely to experience a range of overexcitabilities. According to Dabrowski, overexcitabilities [...]

Why do teacher training courses not include sufficient learning about academic giftedness?

ChatGPT has told us: There could be several reasons why teacher training courses may not include sufficient learning about academic giftedness: Lack of time: Teacher training courses often have a set curriculum that covers a [...]


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