You are probably the best person to answer this question. The following may help you decide.
Gifted children may:

  • walk and talk much earlier than children of the same age;
  • develop early and exceptional language patterns;
  • display extreme curiosity and ask complex questions;
  • have an exceptional memory for facts, people or events;
  • have poor fine motor skills;
  • have excellent powers of observation;
  • relate well to older children or adults;
  • have problems relating to children of the same age;
  • exhibit behaviours which may result in their being confused with children with ADHD or Asperger’s Syndrome;
  • have a well-developed sense of humour;
  • show early reading ability, which is often self-taught;
  • have an early interest in mathematical concepts and patterns;
  • be capable of abstract reasoning and problem solving;
  • be highly motivated and have a long attention span;
  • be more sensitive, feel things more deeply or intensely than others of the same age.

You may notice some or all of these characteristics along with other indicators of giftedness.
However, this is not an entire list of gifted characteristics and a gifted child may not display all these features at the same time.

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