Saturday 23rd March 2019

The Undercroft, Elizabeth College, North Hobart
4:15 pm


  1. Attendance
  2. Apologies
  3. Amendments to TAG Constitution

Motion:  That clause (9)(1) of the constitution of the Tasmanian Association for the Gifted, be amended to read:

(9) (1) (e)

(i) The Committee will advise all Tasmanian AAEGT members of AAEGT advice that AAEGT Board nominations are open and of the AAEGT nomination process
(ii) The Committee will attempt to ensure that at least one nomination for an AAEGT director from Tasmania is submitted to the AAEGT
(iii) Should more than one nomination for an AAEGT director from Tasmania be submitted, the Committee will encourage all Tasmanian AAEGT members to be involved in the voting process
(iv) The elected AAEGT director from Tasmania will become a member of the Association Committee and report to the Association in relation to AAEGT matters and report Association matters to the AAEGT Board

The purpose of the amendment is to bring the TAG constitution, in respect of election of the AAEGT director from Tasmania, into line with the constitution of the AAEGT, which now states that any AAEGT member from Tasmania may nominate as a director.

Currently the constitution specifies that the committee will choose the director from the committee.

Should you have any queries about any of the proposed amendment, please contact TAG at tasgifted@gmail.com before the meeting.

If you wish to attend via Skype, please advise your Skype address by email and we will try to call you.