Monday 6th March 2017

5 Roberts Street, West Hobart

Minutes of Meeting

Meeting opened 7:35pm

1. Attendance

Attendance: Lynne Maher, Hermione Powell-Davies, Meg Denham,

(Via Skype), Kathleen McMahon, Allison Cornish

2. Apologies

Rosemary Cathcart, Leah Willis, Elizabeth Delaney, Carly Dean, Emily Coleman,

Kylie Cantwell, Jeannette Loosemore.

3. Amendments to TAG Constitution

Chairperson Allison Cornish invited Lynne Maher to outline the purpose and

nature of the proposed changes to the constitution.

Motion: That the amendments to the constitution of the Tasmanian Association for the Gifted, as shown in “track changes” in the document “TAG Constitution amendments 19Jan2017” be approved.”

Motion: That the minutes of the meetings of 6th February be accepted

Moved: Lynne Maher

Seconded: Allison Cornish


Meeting closed 7:40pm