Call to fill vacant positions
TAG is very keen to hear from any member who may be prepared to fill one of the vacant positions.  We particularly need the positions of Secretary and Membership Secretary filled. 
The Membership Secretary’s role is to monitor the status of TAG’s members, encourage membership renewals and respond to membership inquiries.  Much of this is made easier with the website based management of membership.
The Secretary’s role is to monitor and respond to correspondence, including emails, or pass on to the relevant committee member for response; and to prepare and distribute meeting papers and agendas and minute meetings.
The positions of Southern Representative, Newsletter/Media Manager and Librarian are also vacant
If you think you might be able to assist with any of these roles, please respond to this email.  The committee currently meets on the first Monday of each month, but this is not set in stone, so please do not let your lack of availability on a Monday stop you expressing interest.