It is time to start planning for a TAG conference in 2019, but in order to keep the costs down, we need volunteers.
There are a myriad of tasks to be done in organising a conference and there may be one of these that fits with your skills and interests and available time.  Some of the tasks include:
– managing publicity
– planning the conference program and schedule
– evaluating responses to calls for papers
– communicating with presenters
– seeking sponsorship
– organising trade tables
– preparing the program for print
– managing printing of required documents
– organising catering
– organising conference satchels and getting “goodies” to put in them
– organising the conference dinner
– organising and reporting on delegate feedback
– organising and managing matters associated with the venue and delegate movement during the conference
– and many other things!
If you have an interest in helping with one of these tasks – or another that comes to mind, we’d love to hear from you.
Our previous conferences have been affordable and have received positive feedback largely because there has been significant volunteer input;  please consider offering your time and skills to contribute to a successful conference for 2019.
Contact us at – we’d love to hear from you.