Wednesday’s presentation by Susan Assouline introduced new material about the evidence for the positive effects of accelerated learning, even to those of us who have extensive knowledge in this area, but this feedback from Ryan of Hobart really made our day:

“Thank you so very much for the seminar last night, and all of the hard work that must have gone into putting it together.

The whole experience of it was very special, and incredibly well-organised and well run. Congratulations.
From this one evening alone, I have gone from a some-what panicked new-comer, who can barely define ‘the problem’, to a some-what confident parent who has a good sense of where to start and some options on how to proceed.

It is very hard to imagine what a rough ride it must be for families that do not have access to such a wonderful group as yourselves.

Thank you so much.”

And thank you Ryan for letting us know that our efforts are valued so much.  It makes it all worthwhile.